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„We also cook with water, but we work under pressure and use some salt“

Steam Direct Injection

1. August – 1. Dezember

Simulation Software

1D Thermodynamic Cycle Simulation Software
SimEngine, SimThermo

Waste Heat Recovery

Public funded projects

Twin AV

1. August – 1. Dezember

Embedded Control Software

Engine Control, Highly dynamic controls, Flatness based precontrols,
Neural Network, Learing Algorithms

Advanced Stereo Recognition

Stereo Recognition Algorithm for ADAS and autonomous driving vehicle
Based on single Mono Camera / Computer vision and deep learning algorithm

Please note our latest publications !

if you have questions or more detailes interest in one of our publication tasks, please contant us. We can give a more detailed presentation for your special demands. Furthermore, for a small fee, you can get access to all measurement and simulation data.

Our pricing model

We are happy, when you decide to continue work with us. We perform individual engineering tasks on your demands and we are quite cost attractive: Project work covered by chief engineer Dr. Gotter, will be billed by 180€ per hour

We offer two Tech Kits for each of our technologies.

Tech Kit 1

  • Research Licence for technology deployment incl. Prototype build
  • Technical report about our technology feasibility study
  • 2 days of training and on-site consulting

Tech Kit 2

  • All content of Tech Kit 1
  • Access to our existing GT-Power, Matlab/Simulink and SimEngine models
  • Individual adpation of simulation models to customer specific engine or plant, including up to 2 months of engineering
  • Evaluation, opimization and presentation of results
  • 20 days of on-site consulting